10 Emotional Quotes By K

Heading 3 10 Emotional Quotes By K-Pop Idols Sugandha Srivastava May 14 2023 Entertainment

“I’D Rather Bend Than Break.” Exo’S Kai Source: Kai Instagram

“I Don’T Believe Perfection Exists In This World But There Are Infinite Chances To Be Close To It.” Bap’S Daehyun Source: Daehyun Instagram

“My Dream Isn’T To Become The ‘Best’; It’S To Be Someone Who I’M Not Ashamed To Be.” Shinee’S Key Source: Key Instagram

“Sometimes You Have To Bite The Bullet. Not Only Must You Learn To Accept Their Gaze With Your Eyes But Also With Your Heart.” Minzy Source: Minzy Instagram

“But You Have To Go Down Gracefully And The End Has To Be Beautiful.” Jessica Jung Source: Jessica Jung Instagram

“Please Use Me Please Use Bts To Love Yourself Because You Guys Taught Me How To Love Myself Everyday” Bts’ Rm Source: Rm Instagram

“I Feel Like Everyone In The World Deserves A Compliment” Stray Kids’ Felix Source: Stray Kids Instagram

“Giving Something Up Decisively Takes Lots Of Courage. And You’Ve Worked Hard” Bts’ Suga Source: Suga Instagram

“The Word ‘Happiness’ Is Too Vague But I Hope You Find Life Worth Living Every Day” B.I. Source: B.I. Instagram

“It’S Everyone’S First Time Living This Life Right? How Could You Be Good Right From The Start” Seventeen’S Hoshi Source: Hoshi Instagram

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