These billionaires do not even have a graduation degree, but are counted among the richest in the world

Microsoft'S Founder Bill Gates, Who Is Included In The List Of The World'S Richest, Left Bill Gates Graduation In The Middle And Started Business 08 May 2023 Priya Gupta

Meta'S Founder Mark Zuckerberg'S Earnings And His Education Have A Lot Of Difference, He Left College In The Second Year Of Graduation.

Inditex Fashion Group Ceo Amencio Ortego Who Dropped Out Of School At The Age Of 14 But Is Included In The List Of Richest

Michael Dell, A Well-Known Name In The It Sector, Loved Computers So Much That He Left Medical Studies And Started Business At An Early Age.

Richard Branson Left School At The Age Of 15 To Leave The Magazine, But Today Richard Is A Millionaire

Pop Star Rihanna, Who Is Included In The List Of Richest In The Year 2021, Has Studied Only Till 12Th Standard.

Apple'S Co-Founder Steve Jobs Is A Graduation Dropout, Degree Is Not Right But Knowledge And Money Is A Lot

Mukesh Ambani Left His Mba Studies In 1980 And Worked On His Business.

Businessman Gautam Adani Left Studies In The Second Year Of His Graduation From Gujarat University And Got Into Business.

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