Kiran GadakhKiran Gadakh

Startups and Businesses are on the rise post-pandemic. Many people got the opportunity to boom their careers and fuel their passion. One such name is Kiran Gadakh. He is Entrepreneur and Marketing expert by profession. 

Kiran was born in the small village of Sangamner. His parents were farmers who used to work on their farms but to manage expenses had to work on other farms as well. Born in a middle-class family, he always had to face financial problems.

He started his primary education in a government school in his village. He realised that even he should support his family financially, so he started selling farm-grown products in his village on a bicycle. This was his first lesson in entrepreneurship. Everything he did to sell the products gave him marketing lessons. From this hard-earned money, he paid his school fees.

Kiran Gadakh

He was good at studies and scored over 91% on the 10th board exam. His parents wanted him to study further so he shifted to Sangamner city. His mother used to send tiffin for him in the early morning govt bus that used to arrive in the city. This was his lunch and dinner. He used to manage this, but the food got foul-smelling and stinky on the hot summer days. To solve this problem he started selling Aloe vera juice on the bus stand and here he got his second marketing experience.

His mother always wanted him to be an engineer and get settled in life. So, he came to Loni city and started his engineering career. It was not easy for his father to pay his college fees. He somehow managed to pay his first-year fees but it was getting tough for him by the second year. To solve this problem, there with some of his friends, he started a marketing venture which gave him a fair amount of money. This was his third marketing experience. With the money he earned from this venture, he used that to pay his college fees.

This way he completed his engineering but now he had two choices in front of him – Get a stable Job or continue Entrepreneurship! His friends, who worked with him, decided to step away from this business and get a job. He was left alone but still didn’t want to give up everything this easily for which he had worked so hard. 

He shifted to Pune city to grow his venture. His friends didn’t even give him shelter in their homes, so he had to sleep at Pune Railway Station for over 12 days! But without cursing his fate, he believed in his hard work and continued his work. He didn’t want to waste his time by doing mistakes and then learning from them. Instead, he chose to learn from other’s mistakes and move ahead in business quickly. For this, he started taking mentorship, which heavily benefited him. 

Today, with all his hard work he is a successful entrepreneur and marketing expert. He owns an Audi and lives in a posh housing society. The lesson to learn from his journey is that nothing is permanent. You can change even your fate by working and being consistent and confident in what you believe and what you want!

By Sunil Kumar Verma

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